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Acuppa Tae

Acuppa Tae (known as Tae) was developed in 2006 to design and teach the award winning module Virtual Environments: Is one life enough? along with Locks Aichi, a colleague from the Learning, Teaching and Technology Centre. They are based at the Dublin Institute of Technology (DIT) campus in Dublin Virtually Live in the online virtual world known as Second Life. Avatar's in Second Life were required to choose a name from a preselected list at that time. Theses days Tae is known simply as John O'Connor.

In 2010 the module won the Jennifer Burke Award for Innovation in Teaching and Learning in Dublin and in 2012 won the Learning Without Frontiers Award for Innovation in Further and Higher Education in London.

The class was joined by Prof Dudley Turner and his students from the University of Akron, Ohio in 2014 and is now a recognised course at each institution.

Tae maintains an ocassional Facebook page and also tweets. He can be emailed directly at acuppatae(at)